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Soil Bioremediation Gallery


Salt or Sodic Soils

BFMS™ in a Fumigated Strawberry Nursery Field

This entire field was fumigated with methyl bromide and was highly sodic. FITOTEC recommended using TTT BFMS™. The grower inoculated the transplants in every other row, as is evident in the following picture and realized a 30% increase in production of nursery daughter plants. The microbes restored life to the dead soil in the treated rows by producing vibrantly healthy plants.


The grower used Microbes as a seed treatment in his squash production and agreed to have some rows as control. Twenty five days later the results are evident. The field had about a 99% healthy seed emergence, vibrantly healthy plants, increased yields and realized higher profits compared to the control. The grower also applied BFMS­­™ foliar products and produced a crop that had a longer shelf and storage life. This resulted in more demand fo his produce compared to other growers with similar products.

Soil was high in verticillium