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Copper sulfate was traditionally used in this irrigation pond to reduce the algae bloom. FITOTEC uses the BEMS concept for water treatment. This instance BEMS was initiated November 2006 and sixty days later the pond was crystal clear. The BEMS broke down and digested organic debris in the pond, mitigated the nitrates and other toxins in the pond and increased the aquatic life.

Reservoir #1 pre treatment 11/3/2006

12/18/2006 44 days post treatment with microbes and enzymes.

1/28/2007 86 days post treatment
Notice how the debris from the bottom of the pond is starting to surface. The facultative microbes from BEMS are consuming the organic debris and cleaning the overlaying sludge. Once the anaerobic conditions on the bottom of the pond are eliminated and water registered close to pH 6.4, dissolved oxygen levels are increased and the offensive odors eliminated.

3/8/2007 93 days post treatment
The reservoir is clear, there is no algae or chemical contaminants and as a result no plugging of pumps.

Reservoir #2 using BEMS to clean up organic debris and break down toxins.
Pre treatment on 11/30/2006 had levels of >2400 MPN (most probable number)/100 ml Coliform and E.coli of <1.0 MPN /100 ml.

Twenty days post treatment the Coliform was mitigated to 650 MPN / 100 ml and E.coli remained at <1.0 MPN/100 and the organic debris, bottom sludge digested and the pond cleaned up.

Every field and pond is different due to the history of chemicals used or organisms present and must be analyzed prior to treatment.