FITOTEC is exposed to various cropping systems and gained an insight in
implementing solutions to the challenges in our agricultural environment.
All soils, water, crops & environmental conditions are different. FItotec Consulting & Bosfms Ltd want to ensure your success by using our services & products. We definitely want to know of your particular situation & needs, to recommend the best course of action & products to purchase.
Today's conventional farming practices have depleted the soil of its nutrients and indigenous beneficial microbes populations. Microbes are necessary for breaking down organic matter into new soil, releasing nutrients from the soil to make them available for plant uptake. All microbes in Tainio Biologicals Inc. formula are indigenous and normal inhabitants of all natural soils and fresh water. They are classified as non-pathogenic Class I agents by the American Type Culture Collection Catalogue.

Our system uses products that will:

Reduce organic debris, nitrates, phosphates and biological excesses when added to soil, lakes, rivers, municipal and industrial waste water, ponds and septic tanks.

Produce nutritionally balanced food with higher crop yields using little or no chemicals.