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BOSFMS is about promoting good agricultural practices with the goal of supporting the farmer to attain production of higher value crops as well as raising yields. BOSFMS is a consulting business in beyond organic and sustainable farming solutions. Our services promote restoring the soils and water to their natural nutritional balance. We will conduct a soil analysis for the farmer & make recommendations on the type of products to use & their applications. We are committed to improving farming with the goal of sustainability, productivity and like wise ensuring food security. We have products that treat seeds for better germination, treat the soil; and water by restoring them to their natural balance. The products are natural and some are registered organic.

Look at the projects and see what a minimum of 50 grams – 454 grams /ac can accomplish. Excellent germination with a guaranteed strong growth period and yields are realized. All the projects in BOSFMS Ltd were accomplished by not using any commercial fertilizer or chemicals which could potentially end up affecting the water shed. Farming is a noble profession. Growing of wholesome and abundant food provides for food security. It is imperative to be stewards of the land and water which feed us.

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