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Soil Bioremediation

The benefits of using natural biological products include the following:
• Healthy root growth
• Healthy seed emergence
• Increased yields
• Improved soil tilth
• Decreased compaction
• Break down of organic debris
• Break down of toxins [ including saline and sodic soils and oil contaminated soils]
• Increased mineral availability, decreased fertilizer inputs
• Vibrant healthy trees and plants
• Higher nutritional value in feed and food crops


Do you have poor soils, poor germination, and lower production yields? Declining soil fertility can be restored by using products that will increase mineral availability, promote healthy root growth and plants, break down organic debris and toxins and improve soil tilth.


Need microbes to digest cellulose content in compost? Specialized microbes are available. With the addition of microbes compost will be ready faster than the traditional methods. Compost is cheaper than inorganic fertilizer, but also improves soil productivity by providing nutrients, improving soil structure and increasing the water retention capacity of the soils.

Forestry, Orchards, Plantations

Great to establish tree crops and for rapid re forestation. It is possible to pursue tree farming as a short term crop using our recommendations. Trees grow in half the time for reforestation or commercial forestation in the tropics.

Salt or Sodic Soils

Bio transmutation by microbes of Sodium Chloride to Potassium resulting in better stands and reduction of saline and sodic soils.

Contaminated Soils

Do you have problems with chemicals or oil residues in your soils? Or do you need to bioremediate chemical contaminants in your oil exploration operations? Implement our bioremediation system to break the carbon chains or gradually neutralize your soils and bring back into natures balance. Microbes sequentially break the carbon chains of chemicals and oil over time to produce carbon dioxide and water.

Alternatives to Methyl Bromide in Strawberries

Are Federal, State or County restrictions limiting your planting options? Fitotec has the sustainable and viable alternative using natural microbes and patented fertilizer to equal and or better the environmental friendly alternative to methyl bromide.