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Water Bioremediation

There is ever increasing mandates for manufacturing industries, municipal sewage facilities, and residential developments to treat waste water before discharging it to the public sewage lines, or for some, directly into the lakes or rivers. The issues at the forefront are the reduction of the sludge, the elimination of the odors, that emanate from the ponds, and improvement of the quality of the discharged water. Sustainable and inexpensive alternatives to the power and capital intensive needs of traditionally centralized waste water treatment plants are available.

BOSFMS Ltd. has a sustainable and cost-effective solution that produces a quality outcome for the treatment of organic waste and bio-solids, waste water and leachate, as well as other polluted water bodies without the use of harsh chemicals. In conjunction with the application of microbes, we utilize the CWR™ (Coherent Water Resonator of Coherent Resources, Inc) machine that will increase the dissolved oxygen levels in a body of water.


How does Water Bioremediation work?

Using natures basic essential life forms, known as beneficial microbes, the digestion of hydrocarbons, chemicals, is accelerated resulting in fast, safe, clean up of toxins in water bodies.


A practical, green technology using the CWR™ and microbes is the solution and answer to minimize toxins in lagoons and meet discharge requirements.
The CWR™ reduces the issues of nutrient loading; organic matter build up, fish kills, low dissolved oxygen, algae build up and toxins.
Application of microbes and or use of the CWR™ machine and microbes will increase dissolved oxygen levels, create a cleaner environment resulting in healthier fish and more production yields.


• Odors
• Toxins
• High Nutrients, Nitrates, Phosphates
• Algae build up
• Low dissolved oxygen
• Grease
• Sludge
• Industrial Waste Water
• Pathogens [E Coli, Salomnella]


The benefits of using the CWR™ in conjunction with microbes is as follows:

• Raises dissolved oxygen levels and stimulates indigenous microbes
• Reduce toxins & Nutrients
• Digest organic carbon [sludge]
• Reduces odors
• Reduce fish kill
• No chemicals used
• The CWR™ is solar powered

What is a Coherent Water Resonator?

The CWR™ is a compact machine with an attached antenna, using solar power thus eliminating the need for costly aeration, which is dependent on electric power. With its unique resonance technology, the CWR™ increases the dissolved oxygen in a body of water. Use of the CWR™, simultaneously with microbes is an innovative solution to remediation of waste water lagoons and restoring the water to its ecological balance. The microbes used are indigenous and are normal inhabitants of natural soils and fresh water.


Traditional Technology

• Dissolved oxygen average 2-5 PPM
• Diffusuers also add nitrogen to ponds (80% Atmospheric Nitrogen)
• Costs about $2,500 – $3,000 to replace bearings.
• 2-3 Standby diffusers for emergency replacement.
• High cost of sludge removal

New Technology – CWR™ IR

• Dissolved oxygen average 10 PPM and above
• Reduction of toxins & nutrients
• Algae minimized
• Digestion of sludge
• Elimination of odors
• Reduce fish / shrimp kills
• Return Water into Natural balance
• 1 CWR™ will cover 10-300 surface acres depending on TDS, TSS, BOD and COD.
• Maintenance limited to cleaning the solar panels & antenna.

Can septic tanks be treated?

Septic Cents has the ability to digest & liquify organic wastes and sewage. Also, works on floor drains, grease traps, sinks, urinals & toilets to reduce odors.


• Reduces and liquefies contents of your septic tank and drain field.
• Reduces build up of solid organic waste and allows it to flow freely through the leach bed.
• Improves percolation and absorption many times over, even in clay.
• Helps eliminate messy backups.
• Cleans and maintains drain fields, unplug sump pumps, septic tanks, cesspools, pipes and grease traps & pit toilets.