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Non-fumigated Strawberry Production


Beginning in 2000 FITOTEC has successfully used a sustainable method to produce strawberries without the use of any soil fumigant. This method is also applicable to all crops that use Methyl Bromide or any other soil fumigants. Growers who have implemented this method of inoculation report the following benefits:

  • Economical to the grower
  • Better production
  • Suppresses weeds and diseases
  • Non VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)

Planted in October 2002, these strawberries were grown without the use of Methyl Bromide. Note the absence of weeds. The plants are healthy and production exceeded plants grown in fumigated soils. In addition, FITOTEC’s non-fumigated alternatives to methyl bromide application costs are much lower. Plant health is dependent on nutrition, soil ecosystem and the environment. With the addition of TTT BFMS™ the plants develop a healthy root growth, increased mineral availability, decreased fertilizer input and restored life to dead soils that have been damaged by too many chemical inputs.

Date: 3/17/2003

Use of a special formulated fertilizer and microbes to produce this berry crop.

Date: 4/9/2003

Date: 4/10/2003

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Date: 9/19/2003