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CWR™ unit was installed in November 2006. Notice the scum on the surface in the November picture and no scum in the April picture.



At this sewage facility there were 4 settling ponds and the inflow of sewage was about 1.3 million gallons per day. Two CWR™ IR model units were installed in this 6 acre pond.
Microbes were added to the front pond which had the CWR™ units. There was bubbling in the pond where the microbes were applied and that was an indication that the microbes were digesting the bottom sludge.

The CWR™ can be used in most aquatic systems to help increase the dissolved oxygen (DO) level in water. The increased DO levels are beneficial to aquatic organisms and help stimulate microorganism proliferation. The increased microbial populations are responsible for the digestion of organic debris, degradation of toxic chemicals, and assimilation of nutrients that are generally recognized as the cleaning of the water and balancing of the aquatic ecosystem. There must be large enough populations of the right types of microorganisms present in the body of water for the CWR™ to stimulate them. Addition of TTT BEMS which contains a broad spectrum of microbe’s specially selected and blended for digesting organic debris and hydrocarbons, is recommended to be used with the CWR™ machine. There are no electrical costs or mechanical parts.