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Golf Pond

This golf course used traditional chemical control methods to suppress algae in their ponds. Odor problems were associated with the algae blooms. The Golf Course Grounds Superintendent approached FITOTEC to clean up their yearly occurring problem of the odor, algae blooms & plugged up pump.

TTT BEMS water treatment started in 4/2007. Seventy seven days after the initial treatment & one subsequent treatment, the pond was restored into natures balance; the odors were also eliminated.

Pre treatment 4/2007.

7/16/07 71 days later.

Pre treatment 4/2007 from a different view.

7/16/2007 71 days post treatment.

The Golf Greens Superintendent indicated it was the first time in the summer the fountains worked beautifully as intended because they did not plug up with algae. The Superintendent also reported that he could see the sand at the bottom of the pond because the microbes had digested the sludge overlaying the sand.